Github repository: https://github.com/plotti/twitterlyzer


Twitterlyzer is an application that helps researchers to collect Twitter data. It is build using  Rails 2.3.7 and most of the API calls are done through delayed_jobs in order to parallalyze the requests. The Twitter API is wrapped using grackle and twitter gems

  • Persons are organized in projects that contain a set of people.


  • collect one person
  • collect multiple persons based on a csv import
  • collect the egonetwork of a given person
  • calculate statistics of the people collected (friends, follower distributions, origin etc..)

Connections between persons

  • Connections between persons are stored not in the DB but on the HD in a PStore
  • THis allows to extremly fast access millions of edges, instead of going through DB tables


  • collect the tweets of a person
  • collect the tweets of all persons
  • collects tweets based on a csv list
  • collect all retweets of all collected tweets
  • export all tweets into a csv
  • calculate statistics on the tweets (links used, keywords, timeline)


  • export the networks of the collected persons in a project the formats UCINET, Gephi
  • export the retweet networks of persons
  • export the @ networks between persons
  • export the person stats
  • export the Twitter links of persons


  • Using scrapers under tasks directory you can scrape the following websites Murack.com, Google, Twellow, Wefollow


  • It can compute sentiment for german tweets using a bayesian classifier  (see tasks directory)




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