Github Repository: https://github.com/plotti/TwitterZeit


Is a very tiny proof of concept of a twittertimes or paperli clone. The rails application takes in a Twitter user and aggregates the users Twitter stream into a nice newspaper.

How does it work?

  1. Get all the strong ties (using the infochimp api) a user has on Twitter.
  2. Get the users friends and their friends and compute a so called egonetwork for a user. That is the connection between the user and his friends, but also inbetween the friends
  3. Get all the tweets of the people a user is following on twitter.
  4. Filter out only the tweets that contain a link.
  5. Get all the retweets for the remaining tweets
  6. Calculate the total values for the Tweets:
    a)Calculate a recency value for the remaining tweets The more recent a tweet is in comparison to the other tweets the higher the value Max = 1
    b)Calculate a retweet value The more often a tweet has been retweeted the higher the value Max = 1 c)Calculate the friendship value If the connection to the person the tweet is coming from is strong then it has a higher value Max = 1
    d)Calculate the authority value The more central the person is in your egonetwork (opinion leader) the higher the value Max = 1
  7. Add up all scores (Alternatively multiply them)
  8. Take the top 20 Tweets with the highest scores.
  9. Extract the content [Title, Body, Images..] from the websites behind the links and present it in a nice way


The screenshot shows the view of a newspaper generated for the name plotti. The tweet from danah boyd although is not that recent, has been retweeted many times and can be considered coming from an authority from my network.



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