Business SNA

If you are seeking information on the use of SNA outside of academia, particularly examples of software packages being used by firms, consultants, governmental and non-governmental agencies to produce organisational or social change, you will find a list below.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/businesssna/home

Name Website Description Location
3ND http://www.3nd.nl organizational change and leadership development w/ONA Netherlands
Activate Networks http://www.activatenetworks.net/ Social network analytics company that identifies and understands the key social connections that drive commercial, organizational, and health results
Alidade Incorporated http://www.alidade.net Social Network Analysis for C4ISR and other military applications
Analytic Technologies http://www.analytictech.com UCINET SNA tool Lexington, KY USA
Aulatika http://aulatika.net ONA Spain
Binaria Group http://www.binariagroup.com
Biznes Social Network Analysis http://www.sna-biz.pl football network analysis, organisational network analysis, social media network analysis, Poland, EU
Boutilier & Associates http://www.stakeholder360.com stakeholder network analysis & community relations clients worldwide
c4t [connect and think] http://www.c4t.ch SNA and psychology of interpersonal communication, knowledge integration Zurich, Switzerland
Centre for Business Network Analysis http://enterprise.gre.ac.uk/research/groups/business-networking-group University of Greenwich UK
Clique Cluster http://www.cliquecluster.org computational techniques ofnetwork data
Connected Action http://www.connectedaction.net/nodexl/ Social Media, Networks and Mobile Social Software, NodeXL, ONA, SNA, Visualization US, California, World Wide
Cyram http://www.cyram.com/en/ Producer of NetMiner / Business SNA solution & consulting / ONA
DeepMile Networks / Agent 209 http://www.deepmile.com Large-scale social network analysis, identification of influencers, bots and trolls in social media. Projects for advertising industry, and the U.S. Government. Falls Church, VA
Deloitte http://www.deloitte.nl/dna Italy
Diagonal Association http://www.diagonalsite.org Italy
Docslogic AG http://www.docslogic.com
Durant-Law Consulting Pty Limited http://www.durantlaw.info
Eliquos http://www.eliqos.com/
Explore Your Data exploreyourdata.com Visual analytics Netherlands
FactNexus Pty Ltd http://graphbase.net/intelligence.html Real-time analysis of massive social networks using GraphBase Graph DBMS World-wide
FAS Research http://www.fas.at/ Austria & USA
Flipfly http://www.flipfly.it
Forma del Tempo http://www.formadeltempo.com
Galaxy Advisors http://www.galaxyadvisors.com
HP http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/idl/
Humax http://www.humaxnetworks.com
HyperEdge Pty Ltd http://www.hyperedge.com.au
Hypersoft http://www.hypersoft.com SNA/ONA by IT system analisys, advice, semantic analisys
i2 http://www.i2group.com
IBM http://www.research.ibm.com/social
Idiro Technologies http://www.idiro.com SNA for telecomms and related industries – with a focus on getting real value from it! Customers Worldwide
Innovisor http://www.innovisor.com Collaboration Management
InSource Research Group http://www.in-source.ca stakeholder cooperation, health systems, public policy Canada, US, UK and worldwide
Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento http://www.iic.uam.es/
Jacob McNulty http://www.orbitalrpm.com/
Katzenbach Partners http://www.katzenbach.com/
Key hubs http://www.keyhubs.com
Knight & Bishop http://www.KnightBishop.com
Knowledge Perspectives http://www.knowledgeperspectives.com/
Knowledgeable Ltd (Chris Collison) http://www.chriscollison.com
Kronenwett & Adolphs http://www.kronenwett-adolphs.com SNA, software development, VennMaker
KXEN http://www.kxen.com/Products/Social+Network+Analysis SNA and predictive analytics, most popular with telecoms, financials, retail, and e-business.
Leadership Learning Community http://leadershiplearning.org/ Mapping leadership networks, fostering network leadership, and teling the stories of community, social and systems change work. Boston, USA; Oakland, CA
Lithium Technologies Inc. http://www.lithium.com/
Lnx Research / Lnx Pharma http://www.lnxpharma.com Expert Networks – Finding key opinion leaders, key research interests and trends for knowledge based communities United States, Europe, South and Central America
MAAI Research & Advisors (China) http://www.maaiAdvisors.com Merger Acquisition & Alliance IIntegration / ONA
Magus Toolbox Limited http://www.magus-toolbox.com/ Helping clients solve their performance problems, by engaging with the collective intelligence already there.
Mappian http://www.mappian.com
Mark Lubell, Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior http://environmentalpolicy.ucdavis.edu/ stakeholder cooperation, public policy, environmental policy
Maven Seven http://www.maven7.com
Medical Decision Logic, Inc. http://www.mdlogix.com
MedNetworks http://www.mednetworks,com Commercializing the work of Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler – Focused on Healthcare and Bioscience
Meta Strategies http://metastrategies.com/
Microsoft http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/groups/scg
Neo-metrics http://www.neo-metrics.com
NetOrganizing http://www.netorganizing.com
Netview http://www.vincentinc.com/ServicesOrgNetworkAnalysis1.aspx SNA/ONA in Canada Canada/US/UK
Neuroredes http://www.neuroredes.com.br SNA using Neurometria´s methodology and softwares
NI3 http://www.ni3.net
Nimzostat http://www.nimzostat.com/
Open Knowledge http://www.open-knowledge.it/en SNA/ONA for improving organizational efficiency, KM, innovation and people & talent management.
Optimice http://www.optimice.com.au SNA/ONA across 8 main business domains, several through our partner network (http://www.optimice.com.au/partners.php). Developer of ONASurveys (www.onasurveys.com); Community Mapper (www.community-mapper.com) and web based network maps (see home page). Clients world wide
Partnering Resources http://www.partneringresources.com @mayapare. NetForm ONA. Focus on technology organizations, change management, and collaboration.
Patti Anklam, Net Work http://www.pattianklam.com/ Network building, weaving, & evaluation; collaboration, social media, and communities of practice.
Peter Spence
Working at the crossroads of organisational negotiation, collaboration, network, Intangible Capital/KM analysis and development Australia
PZN Kooperationsberatung http://www.pzn.de
Quintus-ential Solutions (Stephen Q. Muth) http://home.earthlink.net/~quintus Emphasis on public health data collection and network analysis
Raytheon (Catalyst Engagement) http://www.raytheon.com/businesses/other/rps/capabilities/index.html#pc
Ressive Networks http://www.ressivenetworks.com Social Media and Social Network Analysis-driven Business Strategy Services
Rivermark LLC http://www.rivermark.biz
Rob Cross http://www.robcross.org
Robert Boutilier & Associates. http://www.stakeholder360.com
SAIC http://www.saic.com/natsec/management.html
Seity, Inc http://www.seity.com
Simpple http://simpple.com
SkillsNET Corporation http://www.skillsnet.com
Socilyzer http://www.socilyzer.com Easy to use tool for social network analysis:
Sociomantic http://www.sociomantic.com
Stromberg Consulting, USA/UK http://www.strombergconsulting.com/
Syndio Social http://www.syndiosocial.com/
Trampoline Systems http://www.trampolinesystems.com
Tree Branding http://www.treebranding.com Organizational Network Analysis and Social Media Network Analysis. Brasil and Argentina
Uberlink Corporation http://www.uberlink.com
Unilyze http://www.unilyze.dk Unilyze is a leading consulting company within the field of social network analysis with a solid experience within consulting, teaching, training and running workshops. Denmark and Europe
Valdis Krebs http://orgnet.com We have participated in over 500 SNA projects of every variety… we can help you get started. We especially like SNA projects no one has done before! Clients on every continent!
Verna Alle http://valuenetworks.com
Vincent Associates http://www.vincentinc.com/
Xanalys http://www.xanalys.com
Xtract http://www.xtract.com Predictive Analytics powered by SNA. Customer Lifecycle Management.
Yakabod, Inc http://www.yakabod.com
LINC Lab http://www.grenoble-em.com/linclab
Connected Action http://www.connectedaction.net Social Media, Networks, Content Analysis, ONA, SNA, NodeXL, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, WWW, Wikis, Blogs, email. US, CA, World Wide
Palantir Technologies http://www.palantir.com Data fusion platform with Social Network Analysis Helper. Platform broadly deployed in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement and financial communities. Palo Alto, CA USA


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