Social Network Analysis Introduction

A set of slides I made for a SNA course I gave here. The slides are based on the book, and helped me to get the examples across

Part 1:

Part 2:

Facebook Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Gephi

Part of a workshop I gave, teaching students how to use Gephi to visualize your own network and find out how your friends cluster in different groups. (Thanks for the inspiration @lars)

Visuelle Kommunikation auf Facebook

A presentation I gave at the SGKM 2011 presenting some interesting insights, how facebook groups re-use each others image material, and not only change it gradually but also re-frame certain pictures.

New Media-analysis possibilities for Newspapers using Twitter

A presentation I gave at the SGKM 2012 showing new ideas how to analyze the readership of newspapers. I have compared 118 Twitter outlets of german newspapers and highlighted the differences regarding the audience, their engagement and the flow of information.

On Memes

A presentation I gave for fun for the Zurich Airport people updating them on internet memes and the crazyness of todays internets.

On Social TV

Some ideas on how social networks can help TV to become a greater experience. Part of the LinkedTV project.




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