About me

Thomas PlotkowiakThomas Plotkowiak is currently working as a post-doc researcher at the IMPZ institute (University Zürich).  He was working on his PhD at the MCM Institute in the Social Media and Mobile communication group which belongs to the University of St. Gallen.

His PhD research in Social Media is analyzing how the structure of social networks like Facebook and Twitter influences the diffusion of information. His main focus of work is the diffusion in Twitter.

Thomas majored 2008 in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Mannheim and was involved at the computer science institutes for software development and multimedia technoIogy: SWT and PI4. During
his studies I focused on Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Technology,
Logistics and Business Informatics.

In his diploma/master thesis he developed an adhoc p2p audio engine for 3D Games. Thomas was also a researcher for a year at the University of Waterloo in Canada and in the Macquarie University in Sydney. He was part of the CSIRO ICT researcher group.

In his freetime thomas likes to swim in his houselake (drei weiher) and run and enjoy hiking in the Appenzell region. Otherwise you will find him coding ideas he recently had or enjoying a beer with colleagues in the MeetingPoint or Schwarzer Engel.

Here is a quick map of St. Gallen in case you are wondering where that city might be.



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